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My name is Amy (she/her), and I'm an IBS health coach specializing in the low FODMAP diet and IBS anxiety. 

As a card-carrying member of the IBS community, I'm passionate about helping my clients find the tools they need to make their bodies feel like home. 

In my practice, I believe each person is unique and special in their body, experience, and needs. So I design custom programs to help each of my clients reach their individual health goals. 


As your coach, I promise to meet you exactly where you are and to be your partner in crime, your personal cheerleader, and your accountability partner as you strive to build healthy and effective habits. 




I know first hand the low FODMAP diet can feel overwhelming when you're just getting started. But it doesn't need to feel scary! I'll teach you how to complete each phase of the low FODMAP program in a way that makes sense for you at home, at work, and on the road. I can also customize your elimination phase, so you only remove what's needed to balance your symptoms. 


There are a few things we need in our daily lives to feel human. Having regular and pain-free bowel movements is one of them! Together we'll look at what it feels like to be in your body right now, and determine if there are tools and strategies outside of the low FODMAP program that might also help your body run smoothly. 


Sometimes, feeling worried about when and how your symptoms will strike may keep you from doing the things you love, like trying new restaurants, hiking, or travelling the world. Sometimes, normal sensations in your body (like gurgles or cramps in your gut) are mislabeled as dangerous and can trigger anxiety cycles in your body without you even knowing. If that feels true for your body, we can re-train how your brain and your gut communicate, so they stop sounding the alarm when you feel normal, healthy sensations.


Our brains have a lot on their plate, so it makes sense that they automate as many tasks as possible to keep us safe and functioning. This automation forms our daily habits. Together, you and I will discover which new habits will help you reach your goals. Then I'll help you integrate them into your life in a way that feels so natural you'll forget you're doing them. 


Bachelor of Social Work with Honours

York University

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Low FODMAP Diet & IBS Professional Training,

Monash University

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (specialization for anxiety)

OISE, University of Toronto

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

University of Toronto

Certified Nutritionist,

Nutritious Life Studios

Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach (CCE),

Health Coach Institute 

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