Good friends share! So I'd love to offer you a FREE month in my Flip Your Leaf Community! 

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Come hang out in a space where your body is the thing that brings us together, instead of the thing that sets you apart.

You'll make meaningful connections with people all over the world, have a safe space to ask questions about IBS and the low FODMAP diet and chat with me in weekly Zoom meetings and in our private community.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, so there's no pressure (and no hard feelings) if it doesn't feel like the right fit. 



You spend enough time and effort managing your daily symptoms! You don't need to spend extra time sifting through information online. 

So as part of our community, you'll get access to:

I'll dive into the topics that matter to you so you can focus your time and energy on the things that help your body feel like home. 

Grab a coffee and come hang out with me face-to-face! I'll answer your questions on IBS, FODMAPs, and how to team up effectively with your body! 

Community Library
Grab a list of trusted resources, watch past masterclasses and guest expert webinars, download free handouts and cheat sheets, and a ton of other evidence-based resources to help your body feel calm, predictable, and safe! 

  • VIP Monthly Plan

    Every month
    • Weekly Office Hours with Amy
    • Monthly Masterclasses
    • Access to the FYL Community Library
  • VIP Yearly Plan

    Every year
    (Save 2 payments/year)
    • Bi-Weekly Office Hours with Amy
    • Monthly Masterclasses
    • Community Chat Board
    • Access to the FYL Community Library




I really needed a safe place where I could freely share my struggles and triumphs. The Flip Your Leaf Community turned out to be this place and more. It’s a joy to have a group of friends who “get it.” Plus, there’s lot of practical information too – not just about food, but about all the ways we can set a course for self-care and better health. The Flip Your Leaf Community is the first place I turn for trusted information.


It’s meant the world to me to find a space with people who may have different personal experiences, but still offer true support and compassion for one another. It’s also been game-changing to have access to a coach who really understands what I’m going through and who has created a space where I can bring up any topic and it's met with genuine interest and caring.


In this community, we may be on different journeys, but we often share similar symptoms. The Flip Your Leaf Community is a place where I can share the good, the bad and the ugly with people who just get it!!! Along with developing friendships in our online groups and the sheer amount of information that's shared, the support in this community is endless. There’s no place I’ve ever felt more supported, understood, and like I truly belong.