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Are you tired of living in an unpredictable body? Do you want to feel excited to go out with friends without worrying you’ll have to suffer the next day if you mess up?

Picture this! You pull up to a restaurant in your favourite party dress. It fits you perfectly and you feel like a million bucks. You slide into a booth with your besties and devour a plate of your favourite appetizers while you check out the menu. 


The night is a blur of delicious food, gossip, and a deep connection with the people you love AND your IBS symptoms don’t even cross your mind. It feels so… normal.



In my Flip Your Leaf Community, I teach people just like you how to consistently handle their IBS symptoms WITHOUT relying solely on diet changes. 


In the community, you’ll learn skills and strategies to help you eat the food you want without fear or anxiety, have a more predictable body, and build the confidence you need to go for long walks, grab coffee with your friends, or go out to eat without planning your day around where you’ll find the next washroom.


With your community membership, you can:


  • Get personalized coaching from a Monash-trained coach (it’s me, Amy!) on weekly Zoom calls, so you can get the information and tools you need without feeling overwhelmed or wasting time on strategies that don’t apply to you


  • Download a library of videos, handouts, and cheat sheets so you have instant access to evidence-based resources on the low FODMAP diet, the gut-brain connection, and how to build a reliable symptom management plan designed just for you


  • Meet a community of other peeps with IBS during weekly office hours so you have a safe place to share your wins and get support when you need it.

  • Attend monthly masterclasses selected by the community so you can deep dive into the topics you care about (revisit past masterclasses in the community library)

    Past Masterclasses Include:

    • Creating an easy low FODMAP meal plan​

    • Visiting restaurants without stress

    • Understanding acid reflux and IBS (with RD Andy De Santis)

    • Using probiotics to manage IBS (with RD Marlee Hamilton)

    • Exploring the 6 types of self-care and how they impact your body

As a community PLUS member, you can also:

  • Access Amy's full coaching toolbox (yes, every tool is in here!), including new updates

  • Join the private Community PLUS group chat so you have access to someone to hold your hand throughout the entire process

  •  Get early access and VIP discounts on 1:1 private strategy sessions, online courses, and other valuable tools and strategies

A tool like the low FODMAP diet can be helpful in the short term, but it doesn’t address why your body is having unpredictable and painful symptoms. AND having a laundry list of foods you can’t eat can create problems of its own. 


It’s not the only way to manage IBS symptoms, promise!

  • Live your life without feeling self-conscious or worried about your body

  • Eat delicious food without feeling anxious or afraid of what will happen tomorrow

  • Find your way back to a sense of normalcy and the person you were before IBS interrupted your life


I really needed a safe place where I could freely share my struggles and triumphs. The Flip Your Leaf Community turned out to be this place and more. It’s a joy to have a group of friends who “get it.” Plus, there’s lot of practical information too – not just about food, but about all the ways we can set a course for self-care and better health. The Flip Your Leaf Community is the first place I turn for trusted information.


It’s meant the world to me to find a space with people who may have different personal experiences, but still offer true support and compassion for one another. It’s also been game-changing to have access to a coach who really understands what I’m going through and who has created a space where I can bring up any topic and it's met with genuine interest and caring.


In this community, we may be on different journeys, but we often share similar symptoms. The Flip Your Leaf Community is a place where I can share the good, the bad and the ugly with people who just get it!!! Along with developing friendships in our online groups and the sheer amount of information that's shared, the support in this community is endless. There’s no place I’ve ever felt more supported, understood, and like I truly belong.