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I've been exactly where you are and I need you to know: It’s absolutely possible to live your life without feeling restricted or worrying about where you'll find the next bathroom!


You step out of the car in your favourite party dress. You feel more confident and beautiful than you have in years and you can't wait to get inside the party. 

When you open the door, the most amazing smell fills the air and you think to yourself, whatever that is, I want some! 

As you bump into friends and eat delicious food, IBS doesn't even cross your mind. 

In my group coaching pods, I help people with IBS who feel exactly like you turn that party night daydream into their everyday life.

I know how it feels to have IBS turn your life upside down. It happened to me, too! And I want you to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (and some seriously tasty food)!



  • Each pod will meet on Zoom for 12 weeks so you have time to learn what your body needs

  • The groups are capped at 6 people to make sure you have the space you need to ask questions, share your experience, and feel supported

  • You'll learn specific tools and strategies you can use right away to help rewire your brain-gut connection. This will help you change how it feels to be in your body and can reduce pain and bloating, as well as stress and anxiety-induced gi symptoms

  • You'll learn exercises and troubleshooting tools so you know exactly what to do to feel in control of your body when stress and anxiety hit

Amy is very knowledgeable about IBS issues and the FODMAP diet, as well as dealing with anxiety. Give AMY the time, follow her direction and you will be feeling better mentally and physically in no time.

- Lynn

I am able to understand the relationship of my mind to my body, and how to calm my nervous system. I am able to eat without anxiety and sleep through the night. I wish I would have started working with Amy a
long time ago!

- Faith

Before I felt completely lost and had no idea how to find relief but now I understand how food, stress, sleep, etc. affect me. I also know how to listen to
my body and how to give it what it needs more consistently.

- Melissa

Before I learned how to retrain the way my gut and my brain talked to each other, I was stuck bringing my own food to friends’ houses, wolfing down sandwiches on my way to restaurants, and micromanaging almost everything about my body. 


For people like us, diet changes and restrictions are band-aids that control your symptoms by controlling what you put in your body. So, unless something in your body changes, you may be left relying on these restrictions while you and your healthcare team get to the bottom of things. (I’ve been there too, friend!)

Let’s start your journey by changing how your body responds to signals and THEN see if you need to make changes to your diet!


  • The freedom to eat what you want, go where you want, and do what you want while actively working on your gut symptoms;

  • To build confidence in your body and have peace of mind while you're going about your life; and

  • Have a step-by-step plan so you know what to do to stay calm in situations you suspect will trigger your gut

Then you want to be in one of these group coaching pods!


Total cost $687 USD

Plans starting at $114/month

12 group coaching sessions

Starting on March 30, 2021


@ 1 pm (EST)

Total cost $687 USD

Plans starting at $114/month

12 group coaching sessions

Starting on March 30, 2021​


@ 2 pm (EST)

Total cost $687 USD

Plans starting at $114/month

12 group coaching sessions

Starting on March 31, 2021


@ 11 am (EST)