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Feel like your IBS is running the show?

Together we'll help you take control of your body!


Managing your IBS can be tough, but it doesn't have to be!

If you're tired of:

  • Piecing together contradictory information from "experts" online 

  • Feeling like you've been left to unravel the mystery of your gut on your own

  • Or worrying your body is broken and your only option is to learn to live this way

I want you to know that managing your IBS symptoms doesn't have to be complicated!


And you aren't weird or beyond help just because your body doesn't fit neatly in a box!


You are the expert on your body!

What does coaching with me look like?

If you've been struggling with your gut symptoms for more than a hot minute, odds are a lot of people have had opinions on your body and how to manage it. So let's try something new! In my coaching practice, you will always be the expert on your body. Period.

That means my job as your coach is to help you learn what it is that your body needs and to use my skills and training to connect you with the tools you need to make it happen! I coach people, not robots. So everything we do will be designed for your unique body and with your direct input!


When we're done, you'll come away armed with tools to make you feel comfortable in your own skin and give you the freedom to live your life with peace of mind that your body is a calm, predictable, and safe place to be.

How do we do it?  It's easy!

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Before I met Amy I was uncomfortable in my own body. I was very gassy and never knew when I might have to pass wind. It was so embarrassing. Now I'm more comfortable in my skin and feel like I have control of my body.


If you are serious about finding out about IBS and your relationship to your body, Amy is the person for you!



Our bodies are our safe-haven from the world outside. But when we experience painful or unpredictable gut issues, they can feel like a dangerous place to live!


By decoding your body's unique language, you can shift your time and energy to focus on the things that work for you and your lifestyle, and let go of the things that don't.

The Details
  • 12 weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me

  • A customized coaching program to help you reach your unique health goals

  • Support with the low FODMAP program, including tailoring the diet to your unique needs to limit restriction during the elimination phase

  • Education and support around evidence-based symptom management tools

  • Unlimited chat support between sessions

  • Access to my private online community for questions and community support

Listen, I know where you are, because I've been there too.

You've spent too many hours trying to find answers explaining why your body feels the way it does.

You've missed precious moments because you couldn't trust your body to keep you safe outside your home.

You feel like a flake, or an imposter, or like you can't be counted on because you never know when your symptoms will take you down. 

I see you, friend! And no matter what you've been told, you are not the problem, your body isn't broken, and you don't have to stay this way!


You can find peace in your body.

You can have symptom control AND eat a ton of food! Once we are done with each other, you won't need supplements or an armoury of people to manage your body.  

You are going to have the knowledge and confidence to do it yourself.  

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Amy has opened my eyes to possibilities I never considered and now I’m eating foods I never thought I would again.

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When I started my coaching journey I was frustrated and tired of feeling unwell. Now I’m excited to be able to do things I haven’t done in years… like leave the house on a long walk and not worry about needing a toilet on my route!



Before working with Amy, I felt like I was constantly chasing my health. Now I feel supported and like I finally don't have to do everything myself. She's the only person I would trust to work with me.


Don't stay stuck

  • Stop paying for supplements and pills that can't actually "heal your gut."

  • Stop listening to "experts" that aren't trained to manage IBS.

  • Stop wasting time following dietary advice that doesn't apply to you, that leaves you hungry or deprived, or feeling like "one of those" people.

If you've made it this far down my page I suspect you know that it's time for a change! That you're ready to do what it takes to figure this out. I want you to know that I'm in if you're in! 

Not sure I can do what I say I can? I don't take it personally! Click here to read what some of my past clients have said after working with me! (spoiler alert, they're pretty darn happy) I can't wait to see your success story there too!

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Are you ready to feel like yourself again? Book your call now and let's make it happen!