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Client Testimonials

Susan Head Shot.jpg


I have followed the low FODMAP diet for years and thought I would always have these food restrictions. Now I’m eating foods I never thought I would again.

Kim A - Testimonial Headshot (1).jpg


When I started my coaching journey I was frustrated and tired of feeling unwell. Now I’m excited to be able to do things I haven’t done in years… like leave the house on a long walk and not worry about needing a toilet on my route!

Kathy O - Testimonial Headshot.jpg


When I started the low FODMAP diet I was so uncertain about what I was doing I doubted that it was working. Now I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it just keeps getting brighter.



Before working with Amy, I felt like I was constantly chasing my health. Now I feel supported and like I finally don't have to do everything myself. She's the only person I would trust to work with me.



When I started coaching with Amy, I was kind of at my wit’s end. Now, for the first time ever, I don’t feel like I have to choose between keeping my body in a good place and doing the things that bring me joy.

No face design (1).png


It's safe to say that my sessions with Amy have put me on a path of healing in ways I never expected. Since we started, my overall mental and physical health has improved greatly.



Amy inspired me to be stronger in every way, giving me tools that allowed me to tap into the best me.  Amy encourages who you are as an individual and she will help you achieve your goals with energy and resources you often didn’t realize you had.

No face design (1).png


Before I felt completely lost and had no idea how to find relief but now I understand how food, stress, sleep, etc. affect me. I also know how to listen to my body and how to give it what it needs more consistently.

Faith Headshot.png


Before Amy, I felt overwhelmed and lost with how to help alleviate my pain. Now I am able to eat without anxiety and sleep through the night, and I know how to calm my nervous system.


Lauralee S. Headshot.png


Before starting I was apprehensive and stuck in the elimination phase of the Fodmap protocol. Now as I rechallenge each Fodmap group, I no longer expect gastric Armageddon. 

Jenny Headshot.png


When I met Amy, I felt sick and tired of feeling icky all the time. Now I have a better understanding of my symptoms and what causes them, and I have hope for the future.

No face design (1).png


When I started coaching I was having so many digestive issues that I developed anxiety. Now I have my anxiety under control and I am feeling good and looking forward to getting out of the house with friends again. 

Anita Headshot.jpg


Before starting my coaching journey I was confused and overwhelmed. Amy is kind and gentle when you are in pain and truly listens. Plus, she has a number of tips and tricks up her sleeve to make life with IBS more manageable and more normal.



When I came to Amy I was feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and like my gut was controlling my life.  Now it feels like my body and I are finally on the same team.

No face design (1).png


In the beginning, I felt confused, anxious, and like giving up. Now I'm not as anxious and I'm building confidence and
empowerment over this disease.

Linda Headshot.png


I've had IBS for many years and I was at the point where everything I ate caused bloating and pain. Now feel confident that I am able to manage and counteract any IBS symptoms. I can look forward to dining out and truly enjoying it without stress.

Colleen Headshot.png


When I started coaching with Amy I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure if I was ever going to get a handle on my gut issues. Now I have clear direction on what I need to do to improve my gut health and the security of knowing that Amy is with me every step of the way when I have questions or feel stuck.

Hillary Headshot.png


When I started with Amy I was feeling fairly hopeless that my IBS symptoms weren’t going to improve and that I would have to deal with pain and diarrhea every day for the rest of my life. Now I understand my triggers and I know how to better support my body to avoid or limit the damage in a flare-up. That is invaluable!


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